Escape Games

Our escape games feature tons of different adventures for all types of players. If you prefer solo action, try one of our jailbreak games. You can try to sneak out of your jail cell, break out of prison, and seek freedom! Or, solve riddles, collect clues, and escape from various torture chambers. Our collection will keep you guessing and solving mysteries for hours on end. You'll feel like a real super sleuth, practicing the ability to use tools to break yourself out of any holding cell!

Whether you've been kidnapped by pirates or you're trapped on Elm Street, our escape games will provide a white-knuckle, high-intensity challenge. Use items in your inventory, look for clues in your environment, and click around the screen to interact. The colorful environments will captivate and mystify, as you do everything you can to win. Go to Riddle School, escape from detention, and impress your friends with Houldini-like skills! When you've accomplished breaking out, try breaking in!

What are the best free Escape Games online?

  1. Escape From School
  2. Escaping the Prison
  3. Stickman Escape
  4. Fleeing the Complex
  5. Maze Speedrun
  6. Hide and Smash
  7. Subway Surfers
  8. Short Life
  9. School Escape ! - Skip Games
  10. Sharkosaurus Rampage

What are the most popular Escape Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  1. Escape From School
  2. Escaping the Prison
  3. Fleeing the Complex
  4. Maze Speedrun
  5. Hide and Smash